Signathon will host May 19 event with UFC superstar Michael Chandler!

One of the biggest names in the UFC these days is 100 percent lightweight standout Michael Chandler. Later this month, the new season of The Ultimate Fighter will debut on May 30, with Chandler taking center stage as one of the coaches.

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Before that takes place, though, Chandler will be joining Signathon for a special live event with all of his biggest fans out there. Chandler is known for his devastating blows.

And, you already know people are curious to hear about his upcoming showdown with the one and only Conor McGregor (also a coach for this season of TUF). You'll have the chance to ask him about that and so much more.

Michael Chandler can't wait to get in the octagon with Conor McGregor 

This week alone, countless headlines have been written about both Chandler and McGregor, as the trailer for the new season of The Ultimate Fighter made its way to social media. In that clip, McGregor was seen shoving Chandler in the face - this move has infuriated Chandler's supporters. 

However, Chandler, known for his TKO power, said that he barely even felt things. Talk about staying cool in the moment. Moving forward, millions of UFC fans are waiting to see when the official date for the Chandler vs. McGregor (also a coach on The Ultimate Fighter) showdown will be announced. 

Following his impressive win over Tony Ferguson, Chandler called out McGregor and let him know that he wanted him next. Luckily for Chandler, he's gotten his wish. McGregor wasted no time in talking smack, but that could prove to be a costly mistake. 

That's one of the best blows you've ever see. Chandler, 23-8-0 during his fantastic career, will hope to provide more pain like that for McGregor. Thanks to his fantastic personality too, Chandler is one of the easiest guys to root for in the UFC. 

Do you have a question for Chandler about his fighting career, McGregor or anything else? Be sure to tune in for our Signathon event on May 19. You can also sign up for a chance to speak to him 1-on-1. This is something you won't want to miss!