Let’s face it. Life just hasn’t been the same over the past year. How much does everyone miss going to concerts to catch their favorite artists, or heading to a stadium to watch some of the best athletes in the world do their thing? To put it plainly, COVID has kind of fuc%&% sh*t up.

With sporting events, concerts, meet & greets, trade shows and other events canceled, Signathon is here to fix that problem. We’re offering you a new type of event. Signathon is hosting virtual signing events from the comfort of your home allowing you to connect with a famous celebrity, either for a live broadcast, a one-on-one chat or even a group hangout. How sweet does that sound?

Say, for example, you’re a die-hard sports fan and miss enjoying some cold beers at a stadium with some buds. Well, we’re now giving you the opportunity to do that from your living room, while also connecting with an MLB slugger, Super Bowl champ, NBA legend, boxing hero and more. Want to get a group of your friends together and get rowdy with a former All-Star? We’ve got you covered.

With our live broadcasts, you’ll get a special shoutout while the celebrity is signing the item you've purchased in advance to our live event. In the one-on-one and group events, you’ll be right there with your star of choice, asking them anything that’s on your mind and having a ton of fun while doing it. Don't forget with each Signathon, the celebrity or athlete will be signing an authentic item for you. This could be image, jersey, or any object that we sell in our pre-order to the event date.

With COVID putting a hold on our social lives, Signathon is ready to offer you the events of the future. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!