Signathon FAQ

What is Signathon?

Signathon is the future of signing events. This is a virtual platform where celebrities and athletes alike can come on and interact with their fans from all over the world.

A Signathon is where an athlete, celebrity or personality signs a piece of memorabilia for the customer live on our website. This personality engages with customers with either our 1-on-1 event or a Live Stream event that is simultaneously shown on Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Instagram Live. It’s a platform where instead of a face-to-face meet and greet, it’s all virtual!

What is the difference between a Live Stream and 1-on-1?

A live stream is where a personality comes on our Signathon website and signs memorabilia for fans. Fans will be able to tune in to the live stream on our website, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube Live, and be able to send in questions they’d like to get answered.

A 1-on-1 is when a customer actually purchases a ticket for an exclusive conversation with the personality of their choice. They will get a few minutes with the person they select and can ask them anything they have on their minds to get to know them better. The personality will sign a piece of memorabilia during the 1-on-1, which is purchased by the customer in advance.

Live Stream Signathon 

When do I get the link for the Live Stream?

If you decide to get a free ticker or purchase a piece of memorabilia on the Signathon website to partake in the Live event, you will receive a link 24-48 hours in advance to your email inbox. That link will become active on the same day the live stream is scheduled. If you do not purchase a ticket to the live stream, you can still watch it on our website, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Instagram Live.

How long are the Live Streams?

Live streams will usually run from 15 minutes to one hour. The personality may have a moderator asking them questions, or the event might be a free-flowing conversation where they answer questions that have been sent in by fans from all over the world.

Where can I watch the Live Stream?

The Live stream will be featured simultaneously on our website, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Instagram Live. Just tune in the day of your favorite celebrity and athlete is on Signathon and watch!

1-on-1 Signathon

How much time do I get with a 1-on-1?

You will get two to five minutes of 1-on-1 time with the personality you’ve selected for a Signathon event. It depends on the athlete or celebrity.

When do I get the link for the 1-on-1?

You will get the link for the 1-on-1 between 24-48 hours before the day of the event. When you purchase your 1-on-1, you will receive an email confirmation following checkout letting you know the date and time of your event. You will not receive the link on the same day of your purchase.

How can I gain access to the 1-on-1?

The day of your 1-on-1, you’ll receive a link in your email inbox. You will also receive this link 24-48 hours in advance to the event. When it’s time for your 1-on-1, you’ll click on the link and join a waiting room. In that waiting room you will be added to a queue in the order everyone joined the 1-on-1. If you’re the first person in the room, you’ll have the first conversation with your selected personality. If you join the waiting room a little bit later, your 1-on-1 will be sometime within the hour.

What is the process like for the 1-on-1?

On the day of the event, you’ll receive the link. When the hour strikes for your 1-on-1, please click the link and join the waiting room. When you’re in the waiting room, you’ll be in a queue. This is a first come, first serve basis. While in the queue you will see when it is your turn to go with a countdown.

Once you join the 1-on-1, you’ll be able to ask the personality anything you want. If you’d like to talk about their past achievements, awards, or the most critical time of their career, you name it, you’ll be able to ask away during your conversation. When your 1-on-1 is complete, you’ll receive an email with a recording of your conversation. You’ll be able to use that video recording however you see fit. You will also receive your piece of memorabilia within 2 weeks of the event in the mail.

Partnerships & Sponsors

What type of people do you partner with on Signathon?

Signathon works with all kinds of partners. We’re not exclusive to any industry or personality. At Signathon, we want to engage any type of personality with their followers. We’ll have athletes who can connect with sports fans, actors who will be connected with their favorite followers and so much more.

If you are interested in hosting a Live event or 1-on-1 email us at hello@signathon.live

All other questions

Where do you ship to?

For now, Signathon will be able to ship all signed memorabilia products to customers in the United States. At a later date, we hope to ship internationally, but for the moment we will only be sending items inside the USA.

What is your return policy?

We offer a full refund inside 30 days of your scheduled Live event or 1-on-1. However, if you decide to cancel within 48 hours of the event, we will not be able to provide you with a refund for your purchase.